What to Read on Uzbekistan

Because time constraints no longer permit me to post “Best of the Week” lists, I’m going to turn “What to Read” into a topical, rather than a chronological, series. Periodically, I’ll post a short list of the best articles I’ve read on a relevant issue in the news, including a short excerpt from each article. I hope this approach will better inform you to discuss these issues with your friends and colleagues. — AWO

Wikileaks Cables: U.S. Keeps Uzbekistan President Onside to Protect Supply Lines — David Leigh

The post-Soviet state of Uzbekistan is a nightmarish world of “rampant corruption”, organised crime, forced labour in the cotton fields, and torture…

But…the US tries to keep President Islam Karimov sweet because he allows a crucial US military supply line to run into Afghanistan…

What We Owe the Uzbeks — Russell Zanca

Our convenience in using Uzbekistan as a way station for troops, cargo, and materiel has led us to now and then turn a blind eye to the terroristic policies of the Uzbek state, while also enabling the government to dictate the terms and conditions of diplomatic or strategic engagement.