Best of the Week(s): June 13 – July 10, 2010

10. Sudan’s Next War and the Failure of U.S. Leadership — Eric Reeves
9. NOAA: Warmest May, Spring, and Jan-May on Record — Joseph Romm and Global Warming and GDP — Jim Manzi, Brad Plumer, Ezra Klein, & Mike Konczal
8. Could Raising the Income Cap Save Social Security? — Dylan Matthews
7. Regulate Short-Term Funding To Make Banking Safe — Enrico Perotti
6. Costs of Fiscal Austerity — J. Bradford DeLong & Paul Krugman, The Arrogant David Brooks Tells Readers That Stimulus Will Risk National Insolvency — Dean Bakerand Don’t Expect Miracles from Monetary Policy — Mark Thoma
5. The Crisis and the Euro — George Soros
4. Iraq Surge Narrative Challenged by Studies — John Agnew & Claudio Guler
3. On Dodd-Frank: An Overlooked Provision, Section 716, and the Volcker Rule — Economics of ContemptOn Dodd-Frank: Major Swap Participants, Swap Execution Facilities, and Block Trades — Economics of Contempt, and Reforming the Over-the-Counter Derivatives Market: What’s To Be Gained? — Kent Cherny & Ben R. Craig
2. Blackwater’s New Sugar Daddy: The Obama Administration, Former Top CIA Spy: How U.S. Intelligence Became Big Business, and Obama Administration Keeping Blackwater Armed and Dangerous in Afghanistan — Jeremy Scahill
1. The Runaway General — Michael Hastings
BONUS: They Grow Up So Quickly, Don’t They? — A. O. Scott