Best of the Week: May 2-8, 2010

10. Cuba: A Way Forward — Nik Steinberg & Daniel Wilkinson
9. Who Pays for the Oil Cleanup? — Bradford Plumer
8. Five Myths About the Pill — Barbara Kantrowitz & Pat Wingert
7. The Message from the Glaciers — Orville Schell
6. Big Pharma, Bad Medicine — Marcia Angell
5. Afghanistan: Is It Time to Talk to the Taliban? — Jonathan Steele
4. Capital Markets Committee Proposes Blueprint for Compromise on Financial Reform — Hal ScottCan a Clearinghouse Really Stop the Next Financial Crisis? — Mark Roeand How to Avoid a “Bailout Bill” — John B. Taylor
3. High-Tech Death from Above: U.S. Drone Wars Fuel War Crimes — Tom Burghardt
2. Shadow Banking — Nomi Prins
1. Dems Break GOP’s Attempted Filibuster in the Senate, But Proposed Wall Street Reforms Are Pretty Flimsy — Zach Carter and A “Modest Proposal” for Capital Market Reform: Close Down Rule 144A — Jeff Madrick & Stephen Diamond
BONUS: Group Think — Steven Strogatz