Best of the Month: April 2010

10. Why Cap-and-Trade Should (and Does) Have Appeal to Politicians — Robert W. Hahn & Robert N. Stavins, The Complete Guide to Modern Day Climate Change — Scott A. Mandia, and Come On! You Don’t Give the Same Discount Rate to Insurance as Stock, and That Includes Global Warming Insurance — Richard H. Serlin
9. Return of the Death Squads — Jeremy Kryt and Are Aid Donors Now Running Haiti? — Daniel Altman
8. Nukes for Sale — Jeremy Bernstein and A New Start — Tara McKelvey
7. Why Do Harvard Kids Head to Wall Street? An Interview with an Ex-Wall Street Recruit — Ezra Klein
6. Cruel Ethiopia — Helen Epstein and The State of Liberal Democracy in Africa: Resurgence or Retreat? — Tony Leon
5. The Myth of a Kinder, Gentler War — Michael A. Cohen and Army Researchers: Why the Kandahar Offensive Could Backfire — Nathan Hodge
4. Chris Dodd’s Carve-Outs for Cronies — Mark A. Calabria and Big Business Pleads for Loopholes in Financial Regulatory Reform — Steven Pearlstein
3. FDIC Rebuts Inaccurate Op-Ed and Final Financial Reform Push — Christopher Papagianis
2. Six Doctrines in Search of a Policy Regime — Paul Krugman, Pesos, Ponzi and Financial Sector Profits — Paul Krugman, and Minsky vs. Krugman — Arnold Kling
1. Sex, Drugs, and HIV: Let’s Get Rational — Elizabeth Pisani and The Pay-Any-Price Principle — David Sirota
BONUS: Bank Regulation: Strict Liquidity Thresholds Needed — Anthony W. Orlando