Best of the Week: April 18-24, 2010 (sort of)

In trying to catch up, I skipped a few days during April 18-24. I can’t guarantee that these are the “best” of the week. In fact, I’m sure I missed some important ones, but I can assure you that these are all very good. — AWO

10. Falling Out — Ted Galen Carpenter
9. Precedent Suggests Afghanistan Taliban Could Win: Report — Ben Arnoldy
8. Congress Drops the Ball on Rating Agency Reform — Barbara Kiviat
7. The Economist Manifesto — Amartya Sen
6. Mind Over Meds — Daniel Carlat
5. Mortgage Deduction: America’s Costliest Tax Break — Jeanne Sahadi
4. Yes, It’s a Bailout Bill — Phillip Swagel and Resolution Authority: Missing an Umpire — Stephen Lubben
3. Al Qaeda’s Top Gun — Jeremy R. Hammond
2. Why Do Harvard Kids Head to Wall Street? An Interview with an Ex-Wall Street Recruit — Ezra Klein
1. Six Doctrines in Search of a Policy Regime — Paul Krugman, Pesos, Ponzi, and Financial Sector Profits — Paul Krugman, and Minsky vs. Krugman — Arnold Kling
BONUS: It Slices, It Dices — Steven Strogatz