We’re Baaack!

You know you missed us.

Once again, my fault. I’ve been traveling and working on new essays and articles. The book is progressing (third draft) and evolving, and in the research process I’ve discovered some fantastic material for future writing. More on that in coming weeks and months.

For now, let’s kick off May with my latest column in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. I know you want me to write more about financial regulation, but I’m trying to save my most important points for the book. (And I doubt we’re going to get a great bill no matter what any of us write. It’s going to take many years to right this ship).

With that said, here is something important that Congress isn’t addressing in financial regulation: “We also need to regulate the regulators.” Read the column to see what I mean.

I know you’re also eager to hear my take on Greece’s troubles. In good time, dear reader. I will now be writing more frequently: Get ready for a busy summer!