16 Days To Go: The (Non-Deadweight-Loss) Joy of Christmas

A search for “Christmas” on Google News today yielded headlines like “Christmas donations falling short for children in low-income families” and “Time dwindling to help needy for Christmas” and “Salvation Army strives to fill Christmas needs” and “US charities face deficit during holiday season.” Here at Trading 8s, we have several ways to rectify that:

  1. Donate to Avow Hospice, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, or Serento Gardens Alcoholism & Drug Services.
  2. Add your name to our petition to waste less food this holiday season.
  3. Support the fight against AIDS by buying the Killers’ new Christmas song “Happy Birthday Guadalupe” and purchasing some of your Christmas presents from Product Red.

That same search will also yield a few articles like “Bell ringers find joy in helping others.” That has been a consistent finding here at Trading 8s, too (here, here, and here). Don’t miss out on that rewarding feeling.