38 Days To Go: In the Spirit of Giving…

This is the most important post in our entire Christmas series, so please give it your time and attention.

We at Trading 8s are asking you to join us in lending a helping hand during this charitable season. Below you will find three donation buttons. Each is for a different nonprofit organization. Please click one of the buttons and give whatever you can.

To repeat, we are asking you to give anything. $1 is an acceptable donation. For those of us who are blessed to have a roof over our heads and loved ones to share the holidays with, there is no excuse not to take 60 seconds to give so little of ourselves.  

Donations are made by credit card. We are using PayPal, which is the most respected, reliable payment service on the Internet. Your personal information is completely confidential. We at Trading 8s will never see your credit card information, etc. That goes directly to PayPal. We will simply see that more money has been given to organizations that desperately need it during this recession.

Avow Hospice (Naples, FL):

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA):

Serento Gardens Alcoholism & Drug Services (Hazleton, PA):

If you need any further encouragement: