Who Am I? (Other Than Cranky)

by Norman Horowitz

The buildings reach up to the sky
The traffic thunders on the busy street
Pavement slips beneath my feet
I walk alone and wonder, who am I?

I close my eyes then I can fly
And I escape from all this worldly strife
Restricted by routine of life
But still I can’t discover, who am I?

I long to wake up in the morning
And find everything has changed
And all the people that I meet don’t wear a frown

But every day is just the same
I’m chasing rainbows in the rain
All the dreams that I believe in let me down

Maybe I’m reaching far too high
For I have something else entirely free
With love of someone close to me
Unfettered by the world that hurries by
Um, to question such good fortune, who am I?

It was more than half a lifetime ago when Petula Clark recorded the song “Who Am I?

Glenn Gould, the Canadian pianist, wrote that the song was a “document of despair which catalogues the symptoms of disenchantment and ennui.” It was said that it embodied the social consciousness of the 1960s, specifically the search for the meaning of life.

I thought about “social consciousness” the other night when the Republicans were threatening to risk so much in shutting down the government in order to defund “Planned Parenthood.” It was a genuine “Good grief!” moment for me.   Continue reading “Who Am I? (Other Than Cranky)”

The History of the World, My Sweet– Is Who Gets Eaten, and Who Gets to Eat!

Just to avoid confusion, from now on I’m going to put the name of the author at the top of each post. I wouldn’t want you to think I’m as prolific as Norman! — AWO

by Norman Horowitz

This post’s title is a quote from the brilliant Stephen Sondheim play Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

As a studio motion picture and television salesman, it was my responsibility to extract as much money from those buying such content as possible without cheating and lying in the process. Conversely, those buying the content were trying as hard as they could to pay as little as possible for it.

Here’s a confession, or at least an acknowledgement as to a relevant point in the process: For the majority of the motion pictures or television product, there is little to distinguish the value of the available content. It was mostly in the minds of the buyers, placed there whenever possible by the sellers like me.   Continue reading “The History of the World, My Sweet– Is Who Gets Eaten, and Who Gets to Eat!”

And Now for a Healthy Dose of Perspective

My latest blog post at the Sun-Sentinel site talks about the long reach of history…on the same day that we celebrate “historic” legislation. Funny timing.

After you read my post on the health care reform bill, balance it with the perspective of…Great Britain, of all places.

By all means, give the President and the Speaker their due. Thank the folks who cranked out the bill and the ones who risked their political careers to pass it. Treasure the feeling.

Then lace up for the next debate. History pauses only for a moment before it sails against another current. To see what I mean, click here.